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Best Cryptocurrency App for Beginners in India

Cryptocurrency and its trading are highly beneficial therefore leveraging attention across the globe. People getting into it to widen income prospects but with lack of knowledge come across to risks & heavy money loss. Trade The Games is the best Cryptocurrency App for Beginners in India to learn crypto trading.

People without having adequate understanding, start investing in crypto and as we all know crypto is full of probabilities therefore risk ratio is high. People are not familiar with such issues and invest blindly, to solve this crankiness perfect understanding is essential. A beginner should familiar with crypto and related risks.

This guide will be completely helpful and share details about newly launched applications that enable learning crypto trading without exposing to real currencies. They minimize risks and no investment is needed them.

Are you Aware of Risks in Crypto Sphere?

Initially, we start with risks that can be encountered in the crypto sphere, this detailed blog help to understand the complete concept.

Crypto is known for its benefits and dramatic growth has proved that people appreciate it much to gain more. Due to its profitable nature more users stepping into it, so before jumping directly into a huge crypto circle we see major risks-

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Risks to Identify & manage while Trading

  • Market Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Systematic Risk
  • Money Loss Risk

Moreover to start investing in crypto one should be aware of these risks and one must learn how to eradicate them. Learning makes trading easy and profitable too.

Investing is a means to a happier ending. To start trading what you should do-

  • Groundwork before starting
  • Research the Market
  • Get familiar with trading on a Virtual Trading Platform
  • Practice more before exposing yourself to real market
  • Deeply understand market fluctuations & behavior
  • Find an expert advisor or broker
  • Read about the trading scenario
  • Watch the volatility
  • Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose
  • Understand sorts of stratagem while practicing
  • Knowledge financial concepts

Therefore it is essential to learn before start investing in crypto. Now the question that arises in the mind is from where to learn.

How Beginners can learn about Crypto

Buying and selling underlying coins via an exchange is known as cryptocurrency Trading. To learn crypto trading there is a number of online learning courses, YouTube videos, and blogs available on the internet. Crypto Trading apps are widely used, and every app has a quirky user experience. Picking out the best app hinge on regulation & safety, crypto markets, fees & commissions, and accessibility.

People can download and learn from them but is it adequate without a practical frame. As we all know practice makes man perfect and it is applicable to every stream.

Trade the Games is a user-friendly Cryptocurrency App for Beginners specifically designed for beginners to learn crypto trading along with earning. It is a practice ground where fantasy trading takes place in a gaming form using virtual amounts. It will share a real exchange-like experience without exposure to real crypto.

Here you can understand the whole scenario easily while having gaming fun and earnings. It makes learning very much interesting and gives fathomless chances to earn real money.

Experience like Real and Learn Easily

Trade the Games is all about Learning, Playing, and Earning. Be Maestro yourself in Buy, Sell, and trading while playing on TTG.

If you are a beginner and want to earn more profit by investing in crypto then you should learn adequate about cryptocurrency and associated risks.

Trade the Games is the one and only app that shares practical knowledge, you can learn every prospect deeply while involving yourself in it but using virtual amount. TTG provides ground to trade on real-time pricing and test different trading stratagem without losing big amounts. It is a preeminent secure and safe tenet to trade and win an adequate amount. Practical knowledge enhances your learning capabilities and gives you more chances to grow your skills.

Salient Features of TTG

  • Adaptable Design
  • Low investment, higher profit
  • Free Contests
  • Cash Prizes & Rewards
  • Belvedere for Indian Enthusiasts
  • Withdraw Real Money
  • Safe & Secure
  • Evade Risks & initiative in learning

Enhance Trading Skills with TTG

Trade the Game is real belvedere to test, learn and ameliorate real skill of the sporty individual, those have dreamed to be a croupier. Appraise your crypto trading stratagem and grasp how to perform best without any risk of losing money.

Compete online as you master the trading world; hit the top of the leader board. Adapt trading strategies of other leading traders and copy to ameliorate your crypto trading skill sprightly. TTG encourages aspirants to attain grail by amplifying learning and trading potentiality.


Start learning on Trade the Games and experience practical understanding with ease, once you find yourself capable to handle risks then start investing in real crypto trading and gross more earnings.

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