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How Bonus Amount can utilize on Trade the Games?

Trade the Games expands the criteria of being expert in trading. Platform has objective to make people familiar with the crypto trading environment. TTG does not only make the learning possible, but it also gives them a chance to make profits without being exposed to actual currencies.

Bonus and referral are fair to motivate user performance and skill refinement. Bonus amount during registration and referral will be credited in reward wallet. Amount of reward wallet cannot be withdrawal, but can used while paying entry fees of any contest.

Three types of wallet assigned to a player in beginning of contest; Cash Wallet, Winning Wallet and Reward Wallet. If player is new to platform than all wallets founds be empty, user can add cash to cash wallet via direct transfer methods. Winning wallet will get amount whenever player win any contest and last reward wallet receives referrals & bonus of player.

Player can pay entry fee using any of three wallets, but there is point to note that only 50% of fee is payable from reward wallet and remaining can be paid using winning wallet & cash wallet.

Players can pay entire fee using cash wallet or winning wallet if they have sufficient balance. Choice can be picked out by player as per contest fee and available balances in wallets.

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